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Dear Doug & Sandy

"Thank you so much for a job well done. We are amazed at the efficiency of the new unit you installed. As I told Sandy, this is the first time our up-stairs has been comfortable since we bought the house 33 years ago.

Again, thank you very much. We will continue to recommend you to our friends and neighbors."

Yours truly,
Frank P.


Dear Newman's Heating and Cooling

"I hereby acknowledge the outstanding service you have provided in regards to our heating and air conditioning unit. On behalf of my family and I, we thank you for all that you do. In performing the smoke and air pressure test, we were able to resolve the ongoing problem that we were experiencing with our unit. As a result, our Gas and Electric bill have tremendously reduced for the last six months. In comparison with the amount of gas and electricity we have used each month, our average is now about 16.8 kWh/day versus 31.8kWh/day prior to your service. I am also pleased to inform you that my husband's health has improved due to the air quality of our home. Prior to the service you performed, the quality of air that flowed throughout our home was poor and detrimental to our household's health, especially to my husband who is chronically ill. We found out there were several rooms that were clogged and the possibility of Carbon Monoxide poisoning could have occurred. Thank God that you were able to come and perform the necessary tests that had helped us resolve this problem. I highly recommend your company and the type of service you provide to anyone who is in need. Again, I thank you for your efficiency, hard work, and dedication."

Marina B.


"A Very Happy Customer"

"Early this year, my original HVAC system needed replacement, and I went for the heat pump concept. Through a series of mishaps likening themselves to "the lemon stories" we're all familiar with, Doug Newman stayed with the York installation project to its ultimate, total replacement of its lemon unit in October. At no redundant product and labor cost to me, and with free annual servicing over the life of the warranty, ten years, for all of my troubles.

What I was again reminded of during this experience was that it isn't necessarily the product brand that assures success, rather the person servicing the product. And, Doug Newman exemplified this."

Grace L.
September 17, 2008


Dear Doug

"First, thank you for your annual maintenance stop. Your follow-up system is just great, completely spontaneous!
Last fall around this time, I was writing about how satisfied I was with your installation of the York 13 SEER Outdoor split-system Heat Pump. Now, after a full year on it, I have to let you know that your assurances of lessened heating and cooling costs certainly were on the mark, saving me over 58% during the winter months, and 54% during the summer. Your word, in both service and performance, is golden! Thank you again."

Grace L.


Dear Mr. Newman

"I am writing to express my sincere appreciation to you, "Newman's Heating and Cooling" for the excellent service that was performed on my air conditioner compressor. In todays busy world not many business owners take the time as you did to remedy my problem in such a speedy manner. Again Mr. Newman, thank you for a job well done."

Janis R.


"A Very Satisfied Customer"

}Twenty years ago, I completed a thirty-five year career in academia and was growing tired of the daily commute to my factory in Folsom. On a casual drive, my wife and I discovered a home in El Dorado Hills on the fringe of a wild section of Folsom State Park. While closing the sale, it was discovered that the commodious backyard deck had been constructed over two widely separated air conditioning units, and county building inspectors were insisting on proper clearances between the air conditioner and the deck. It was fortunate that Doug Newman was just starting his business , and our great good luck that he was on the scene. Doug came up with ingenious solutions that satisfied all requirements. In so doing, he impressed me to such a degree that I continued to use him exclusively and frequently. He has never disappointed me. I've recommended him to several friends, all of whom found him competent, capable, and very pleasant to deal with. He has my full confidence and highest recommendation."

Walter J.
Professor Emeritus, University of California, Davis
Co-founder, J&W Scientific, Inc., and Air Toxics, Inc.
09 July 2008

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